• B E  I N S P I R I N G •
I’ve encountered many people in my life that I would call inspiring. Most of them would blush at the thought of it because usually they weren’t meaning to be. These people are simply the people who are doing what makes THEM HAPPY. Whether they’re doing their expression or something that aligns with a healthy identity.

Them doing them makes me want to do me.
People who are seeking the more that they are craving for in purity and hope. Whether its learning an instrument, learning to surf, learning a song, taking dj classes, joining a sports team, creating something for themselves, following their God given passion, taking risk!, leaving their bubble, starting a business, and whatever it is they are engaging the unknown that is yet so desired in them.

There’s something valuable in people who listen their heart’s whisper from the Lord, who don’t restrain or quench their spirit,  who confidently act upon their everlasting, and allow themselves the freedom to blossom into what it is they were created to have joy in. Not thinking of punishment from judgement, not basing anything upon what a group/family/ or anyone may think, but doing things that are they are called to do for them in the simple moments and the big ones.

Believe in yourself.

I know it may be weird sometimes, I know it may feel like nothing makes sense, I know that doing the “safe” thing maybe easy and reassuring but it DOESN’T ENCOURAGE GROWTH! Believe that you can, believe that you will, and you can make it happen. Especially if the unlimited power of heaven is backing you!

WHY NOT?!!!!!!

Why would you spend the rest of your life doing the same thing over and over and over again……? Add some adventure. Take a leap of faith. CREATE YOUR FUTURE. FIND OUT WHAT MORE MEANS TO YOU. GO EXPERIENCE NEW THINGS. PUT BRANCHES ON THAT BEAUTIFUL TREE OF LIFE YOU HAVE!

Inspiration is a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. synonym: stimulus

BE the YOU God created YOU to be. 









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• C O N T R O L •

Iquote-powerful-people-do-not-try-to-control-other-people-they-know-it-doesn-t-work-and-that-danny-silk-123-89-98t’s an interesting shift when control is removed from a person, space, or situation. When the mask of false humility and the nuisances of intimidation begin to loose its pull on you, an extraordinary breakthrough seems to occur and the impossible becomes possible. With the lack of the controller and its perpetuated safe rhythm of false responsibility present, the light of others starts to brighten and take shape. People are allowed to walk in freedom and possibility.

1b91fcb7018ddd39845cc0c59dea4878This shift fires up creativity.

Even courage gets it’s chance to shine.

If control continues to stay removed than you’ll see how people grow deeper within themselves between soul, spirit, and God. You’ll see an outward expression of this connection with people growing in love with one another by nurturing, supporting, and encouraging each other.

Oh how the hearts of man become riddled with inspiration and hope in this freedom and all one could do is honor the creation and glory that God has created and implanted in each individual.

“Be devoted to one another in sisterly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10

We are meant to lift each other up and not control one another. In-prisoning people in boxes, that you created for them in the first place, is not an act of love but an act of fear. Tear the walls down, change the patterns in your mind toward individuals and institutions, and watch as the ones you lead and love fly higher than ever before.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2a








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